The Best LAN Ever

Welcome to the Home of The Chistcon and Americon Lan

The Saint Louis Coalition of Pc Gaming Enthusiasts are proud to host two Lan Parties a year. Friends, unnecessary amounts of computer equipment and low pings are a must as we celebrate this time honored PC Gaming tradition. Please use the Resources above to find guides and content about the next coming Lan. As always -- Peace,  Love and Rockets

ChristCon Lan

Americon Lan

Featuring: Games You Love

Featuring the nostalgic era of games from 2005-2020, check out the Games section for all the items that could be played

Featuring: Core Networking

Provided by the host, we will be sure that you have low latency access to both online and locally hosted servers. It is a Lan after all...

Featuring: Lan Atmosphere

Nothing says warmth like the glow of an LCD monitor as the pixels dance their merry jig.