Prep Guide

How to ensure you & your PC have a great time

Download your Games

Save time and get into the games sooner. Download as many of the games that you own and ensure they are updated. Also be sure to LAUNCH each game one to make sure there are no errors

Move Games to SSD

Follow the instructions on our steam install guide to make the most of your fast I/O

Update Your Drivers

Use AMD / Nvidia utilities to download the latest version of your video card driver

Update your OS

Windows updates fix problems and ensure security. Update today!

Plan your snacks

While sugary snacks, soda, energy drinks, and booze are fun and welcome, it is also important to remember we are in this for the long haul. Space out caffeine to avoid crashes and be sure to eat more fortifying food and meals to keep your mind and spirits high.

Perform a System File Check

By performing a system file check (SFC) you can fix windows issues that you may or may not know you have had!

How to Run SFC!

Optimize Storage

We want to be sure our storage is working well. Through a combination of analyzing (check disk) and optimizing (defrag) we can ensure file integrity. It is best to let windows handle this :-)

How to Optimize Storage

Backup Important Files

"Only Backup the files you don't want to lose"

Spend a few moments to take a backup of your computer to leave at home. In the case of hardware failure or accident (like you drop your computer down the stairs) we want to be sure you don't lose files.

How to backup Windows

Dust your computer

What better time before coming to the Lan to air dust out your fans and case while everything is disconnected.

Air dusters @ microcenter

Update 3rd Party Programs

Not every program on your PC has an auto updater. A program such as Patch My PC (home version) is a great tool to be sure you have the latest version of software

Patch My PC (Home Version)

Remember ALL Cables

What's worse than showing up to a Lan without a monitor? Having to go ALL the way home because you forgot that ONE cable. Be sure you have sound cables and charging cables as well