Steam Game Transfer

Fastest way to get in the game 

Local network game transfers allow for Steam users to copy existing Steam game installation and update files from one PC to another over a local area network, without having to download and install from a Steam content server on the internet. This helps you stay below your ISP monthly transfer limits and can speed up installs or updates.


There are four settings to specify what other PCs + Steam clients can be used for game file transfer. These settings are bi-directional, and to allow local transfers in, local transfers out are automatically enabled. The default setting is "Only my own devices", meaning you can only transfer in and out of PCs where your own account is logged into Steam.

For the purposes of this lan -- we recommend either "Any user" (Fastest, but turn off AFTER the LAN) or "Only my Friends"

Privacy & Security

A few additional notes about how this feature works from a privacy and security standpoint: