Generic-Steam Games

How to Install Steam Games - From Internet

Installing games on steam is very simple

  1. Download and install the Steam Client Link

  2. Create or Log in with your Steam Account

  3. (Optional) Buy the Game if you have not already

    1. Click Store

    2. Seach for the name of the game

    3. Click Check out

    4. Fill out your information and pay

  4. Click Library

  5. Right Click the name of the game you want to install

  6. Click Install

  7. Confirm install location and short cut options

How to Install Steam Games - From Lan

This version of the guide is depreciated during Christcon 2021 while the event is virtual

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How to Manage Multiple Steam Libraries

If you have a large steam library, changes are that you own too many games to install on a single SSD. However to take advantage of faster loading times and more time in game, you may want to move the steam games we are going to play to a Steam library located on your SSD.

PC world did an excellent write up on how to manage these libraries.