How to Install MCC Games

Important Note 1: AN EXTRA STEP IS REQUIRED after install. Since HaloMCC is a collection of Halo titles (1-4&Reach) even when the base game is installed, not all content is loaded. See the section below step 8 to ensure you load the HaloMCC content

Important Note 2: This game requires an Xbox Live / Microsoft account in good standing. If you do not have an account, you can register for one here.

  1. Download and install the Steam Client Link

  2. Create or Log in with your Steam Account

  3. (Optional) Buy the Game if you have not already

    1. Click Store

    2. Seach for the name of the game

    3. Click Check out

    4. Fill out your information and pay

  4. Click Library

  5. Right Click the name of the game you want to install

  6. Click Install

  7. Confirm install location and short cut options

  8. Launch the Game

  9. Select Options & Career

  10. Select Settings > Gameplay

  11. Select Change Installed Games

  12. Select the Squares to enable multi player for the games you want to play

  13. Confirm and Apply the change

  14. The game will downloads in the background while the game runs