Lan Traditions

The years change, but some things never do....

Seemingly without fail, the following events seem to happen at the Lan, but at this point, it is good natured and are now welcomed as Lan Party Traditions,

"Someone will Have to Re-install Windows"

Every year, poor planning, hardware issues or an operating system commenting seppuku will result in at least one person having to re-install windows. But hey, good things happen when you friend are a bunch of geeks

"Who is downloading something?

Despite numerous well though out network designs being implemented, some network issue will occur and essentially kill the internet. Ping will go through the roof, and / or stream will stop. Is someone downloading guild wars? Is the router at 95% cpu? Who knows? Someone will figure it out.

"Someone Will Trip a Breaker"

With computers, monitors and cutting edge graphics, large power draw is a guarantee. What is not guaranteed, is that people understand what outlets are on the same breaker, and just what else is sharing the load. As is tradition, at least once the circuit breaker will be tripped and 2-3 computers will be changed from a daisy chain of power cables, to a different chain of power cables.

Funyuns! Need we say more?

It is not a Lan without the tasty food of the gods! Little onion flavored crunch straws that are soo soo good.